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The most realistic ludo game

ludope - ludo game

Childhood Fetish comes back to life on your smart gadgets!


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What is Ludope?

Ludope is strategic Board Game where you can challenge your opponent with real money. Ludope is a game where you play by exercising your knowledge, training, attention, experience, or expertise, and where the final outcome is influenced by one or more of these factors. Get Ready to rage the war on fellow Ludosters to capture the throne.

Game Rules

The leaderboard


lucky prizes

Game Rules

The rules of the game are simple. Lead your soldier to your dwelling! The common ludo rules apply and the add-on is you can bet with real money! A regular 4 player game with hype and anticipation!

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The leaderboard

The warriors are on the hunt for their spot on the throne. The leaderboard will be updated every week and the warrior who tops the board will be rewarded his rightful accolade. Brace yourself warriors!

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To keep the spirit up, we are giving away a joining bonus of 250 INR with which you can bet and wage war! Register to receive the bonus into your wallet!

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Lucky Prizes

We have another cherry on the cake apart from the bonus! Get ready to win jaw-dropping prizes like iPhoneX, OnePlus 6, Samsung Note 9 and more! Stay connected and keep claiming your spot! Let us know that you're interested by registering your spot!

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Our Enthusiasts Say

Ludosters are crazy about our launch! Take a look at their valuable words!

Recharge with any payment mode
Task Manager

payment is an ease

Recharge real chips using any payment method from paytm, UPI, Credit/Debit cards, netbanking and more.

payment methods

Wide range of choices for you to pay!


Debit/Credit Card




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Redeeming made easy
Ludo recharge

Redeem chips easily

Redeem your winnings & earnings directly into your bank account and win big time.

Redemption regulations

Redeeming your money is a piece of cake!

redeem anytime

Direct to bank

No extra charges

Safe and Secure

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ludoster's leaderboard
Ludo redeem

Blazing wars!

We will regularly regulate the contest and publish the leaders on our leaderboards!

Our warrior's leaderboard

Our regularly updating leaderboards!

Weekly results

Rewards for winners

Live updates

Special prizes

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A game development startup launching LudoPe


Life is a game and that's a fact! Ironically, we love to watch and play games in our lives. Since the inception of games, it has been a revolution from playing in streets, grounds to playing in our smart gadgets. But throughout this process of change, one thing has never changed and that's THE THRILL! This inspired us to sow yet another game development lab in the market adding a bit of flavour to the process. Gamers are colossal in the cosmos and giving them what they want is always a trait culminating in the birth of TECREVOLVE PVT Labs. Games are always measured based on the experience we undergo and if not we become prejudice. TECREVOLVE PVT labs will ensure that you entangle the experience.

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About The Game

LudoPe is precisely carved for ludo lovers with a motive to entice them into the game. It's engineered to thrill the user to the fullest! Play legal ludo game with real money soon! It will be available in both Android & iOS. Get a joining bonus of 250 INR directly into your wallet. If you like it, refer your friend to get 100 INR / referral.
The tables available for betting are INR
20 | 50 | 120 | 180 | 500 | 1000 | 2000 | 5000

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